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★ Customs Clearance Attentions for Import into China: 

★ Import license shall be applied for upon arrival of goods at 

    China ports in both diploma and non-diploma delivery.

★ Non-diploma delivery goods, including but not limited to furniture

    bedding articles, appliances, foodstuffs and wines, will be charged

     tariff. (A taxation table can be provided for reference if required.) 

★ Diploma delivery goods are duty free and customs inspections are exempted. 

    Cargoes from some European countries such as Canada and 

    US must be fumigated. (Please contact us for details).

    Cargoes like books, magazines, video tapes, CD, VCD and DVD shall get inspected at customs. Those beyond

    personal belongings shall be charged tariff, and contraband will be confiscated by customs.   

★Contraband: drug, adult video, arms, munitions, or other cargoes that affect adversely Chinese society and


    With all hard copies of customs clearance documents ready, customs clearance will be completed within

    1-2 days for air transportation and 2-3 days for FCL or LCL delivery. 

★The following material shall be prepared to apply for import license. 
★Non-diploma delivery: 
    • Original of passport which bears "Z" category of Visa 
    • Residence Permit (with one year of validity) 
    • Original of Work Permit (with one year of validity) 
    • Packing List 
    • Customs Declaration Form bearing Client's Signature 
    • Client Statement (required if the Residence Permit has a validity of less than one year) 
★ Diploma Delivery: 
    • Original of Diploma Certificate
    • Original BL 
    • Advice of Arrival by Sea  
    • Packing List 
    • Embassy Authorization Certificate 
    •  Customs Declaration Form bearing the Embassy's signature authorized by the diploma                
★ All the documents above shall be sealed by the Embassy.

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