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Scope of business

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Export for Foreigners
★ Attentions for Export from China
★ The following material shall be prepared to apply for export.
★ Non-diploma delivery: 
    • Original of passport which bears "Z" category of Visa
      (Work Permit) 
    • Residence Permit (with one year of validity) 
    • Original of Work Permit (with one year of validity) 
    • Packing List 
    • Customs Declaration Form bearing Client's Signature 
    • Authorization Certificate signed by Client 
★ Diploma Delivery:  
    • Original of Diploma Certificate 
    • Packing List 
    • Embassy Authorization Certificate 
    • Customs Declaration Form bearing the Embassy's signature authorized by the diploma                  
★ All the documents above shall be sealed by the Embassy.                                                 
★ For provisions of the customs at the destination, please contact us to get professional solutions.


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