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Scope of business

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     Delivery service for events is a unique high end service by DLSC

     for domestic and overseas competition, sports contest and


     activities. Equipments and instruments used in events require


     and safe delivery in a short time which involves close connection

     of various procedures.

★ At present, the following kinds of event equipments can be imported and exported duty-free temporarily:
    1、Instruments and equipments used in international sports contest
         such as International Marathon, Rally, international sports contest, sailing events and golf tournament. 
    2、Material used in international competition
         such as international violin making competition, international architectural contest works, international
         art competition works, etc. 
    3、Equipments and material used in international business activities, exchange meetings and
         training conferences   
         such as instruments/equipments used in new product launch, new product promotion press, training
         or charitable activities, or equipments used for erection, commissioning or inspection. 
★ Scope of Service:
    1. Delivery solutions consultation on events
    2. Preparation of documents and admission application for import &export     
        for events
    3. Import &export customs clearance of equipments used in events
    4. International transportation, by air, sea or land, of equipments used in
    5. Return of security upon completion of events

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