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    ATA, an acronym for French "Admission Temporaire" or English "Temporary Admission", means temporary admission for import. ATA carnet is an international customs document specially compiled by World Customs Organization for identifying goods that are temporarily admitted for import. ATA carnet system has been set up and improved since the enactment of Customs Convention on the ATA Carnet for the Temporary Admission of Goods in 1961 and Convention on the Temporary Admission of Goods in 1990 by World Customs Organization. By now, there have been 62 countries and regions implementing ATA carnet system and 75 countries and regions accepting ATA carnet. Total value of goods cleared by customs by virtue of ATA carnet is over US12 billion annually. During the Beijing Olympics and Paralympics in 2008, 57.63% of total value of imported Olympic materials passed through customs with ATA carnet.
★Causes for Using ATA Carnet ?
    1.For convenience of customs clearance because it is internationally used.
      ATA carnet stipulates worldwide uniform customs clearance procedures for temporary admission
      of goods. By now, 62 countries and regions have implemented ATA carnet system and 75 countries
      and regions have accepted ATA carnet which can enjoy the convenience of customs clearance.
    2.For exemption of import/export value-added tax and tariff
       Goods are exempted from import/export value-added tax and tariff at countries implementing or accepting ATA carnet.
    3.For simplicity of operation
       Customs clearance becomes convenient, efficient and time and cost saving with ATA carnet because it significantly
       simplifies customs clearance documents.
★ Applicability of ATA Carnet
    1、Articles displayed or used in international expo, trade fair, exhibition, international conference or similar events.
    2、Professional equipments used by specialists: such as publishing, studio, broadcasting equipment and video camera
         required export for overseas reports, recording programs or producing films; a variety of measuring instruments
         required export for overseas erection or machine commissioning; medical devices required export by medical staff;
         costumes and props required export for performance of actors, orchestra and troupe, and so on.
    3、Goods in relation to business activities such as container, pallet, packing material and samples.
    4、Research equipments, teaching supplies, welfare material for seafarers and other goods concerned with teaching,
         scientific or cultural activities. 
    5、Sports ware and other articles required for attending overseas sports events, sports show and training; personal
         articles required for overseas visit, employment, study, professional conference or other activities.   
    6、Pictures, photographs, videos, artworks, printings and other audio &video products that can be played for free
         required for attending overseas cultural, religious or specialized get-together activities.
    7、Non-commercial articles required by natural person or legal entity on the border for agricultural, forestry or
         fishery activities, or for the purpose of repairing, machining and manufacturing. 
    8、Medical instruments, surgical and lab devices and relief supplies temporarily exported for charity.
    9、Commercial or individual transportation facilities such as ship, aircraft and vehicle on land or railway.
    10、Live animals on the border for the purpose of pasturing, show, exhibition, competition and contest.
    11、Articles like paper pattern, printing plate, layout, die, blueprint and pattern concerning fabrication.
★ Application for ATA Carnet ?
    With many years of practices, we have accumulated a large quantity of resources and experiences in applying for and
    making use of ATA Carnet. We're capable of providing professional services of application for ATA Carnet for clients
    at home and abroad.
★ Advantages of applying for ATA Carnet through our efforts:
    1.Credibility Letter free, procedures simplified.
    2. Time spent controllable, with one day of expedited application.
    3. Rapid return of security within 7 work days, compared to 1-2 months in event of application by clients.
    4.Mal-operation risks are reduced to the largest extent with high data rate.
    5.Transaction risks are reduced due to its high safety and efficiency. It seems simples to apply for ATA Carnet,
       but there are different requirements made for different goods by different countries on the approval of ATA
       Carnet. With professional advice and proposals we've made, there are few failures of customs clearance at home
       and abroad caused by errors in ATA Carnet.
    6.A huge network coverage: our service network spreads over Europe, America and Asia (South Korea, Japan and Singapore).

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