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【Dynamics】Latest Ranking of Global 100 Top Container Lines in Transport Capacity
    According to latest data on transport capacity from Alphaliner, it is shown that as of Apr. 3, 2014, among the global 100 top lines in transport capacity, MSK was first, MSC was second, CMA-CGM France was third, Taiwan Evergreen Shipping was fourth, COSCO Container Lines was fifth. The 6th to 10th were respectively: HAPPLOYD Germany, APL USA, Hanjin Shipping, CSCL and Mitsui OSK Lines. Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha was 11th. 
    Among the lines from China Mainland, COSCO Container Lines was fifth, CSCL was 9th, SITC was 26th, AXA Shipping in Juanzhou was 32nd, SINOTRANS Container Lines was 34th , China Ocean Shipping was 47th, POS was 61st, Shanghai Huaihua Shipping was 73rd, Shanghai Jinjiang Shipping was 78th and HNA Logistics (Grand China Logistics) was 87th. 
Excerpted from World International Freight Forwarder Alliance(WIFFA)

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