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【Strategy】Things not allowed to be brought in by customs of different countries
    When going out, it is necessary to know the things that are not allowed to be brought in by the destination customs in addition to those banned or restricted to be brought in or take out by China. Otherwise, you will be investigated just like the Chinese father who was previously reported to be investigated by American customs for bringing glycyrrhiza tablet. The earlier you get to know, the less trouble you will have. 
    Narcotic drugs and guns and ammunitions are banned to be brought in by the customs of all countries and regions. Besides, animals, plants, seeds, fresh vegetables, fresh meats are banned to be brought in by almost all customs. Most countries and regions regulate the quantity of alcohols and cigarettes that are free from duty and allowed to be brought in by tourists. If exceeding that quantity, you have to pay corresponding tax or things may be confiscated. So attention should paid in particular. 

    Chinese herbal medicines and some tonics  
    American customs inspects medicines very strictly. A lot of medicines produced domestically do not pass the certification of FDA USA, therefore they are not allowed to be brought into USA. Such as glycyrrhiza tablet, dried orange peel, bezoar antidotal pills, bear gall powder, etc. we often take are all contrabands. 
    If any medicine you bring is to be taken during trip, you’d better show the doctor’s English prescription during inspection.       

    Some precious Chinese medicinal materials such as snake gall, leopard bone, tiger skin, etc. are from endangered animals, which are banned to be brought into USA. So do such parasitic plants such dodder, dendrobe, etc. Likely, such things as bird’s nest, antler, etc. are mostly not allowed to be brought into USA in case they bring virus in. Besides, Purple glutinous rice that can enrich the blood is also not allowed to be brought in. 

Meats, domestic animals, poultries, eggs, condiments with odors     
    Meats, domestic animals, poultries and their side products are generally banned to be brought in. 
    Canned and preserved meat products and dry meat products are all strictly restricted to be brought in, such as dried meat floss, bacon, ham, dried beef, dairy products (including milk, instant milk tea, milk candy, dairy dessert, cheese and cheese products), etc.
    Animal viscera, whether raw or cooked, are not allowed to be brought into USA. Eggs are not allowed either. 
    Condiments with an obvious smell, such as pepper, etc. are not allowed in. 
    Vegetables, fruits and seeds  
    Various fruits and seeds are banned to be brought into USA. You can bring cooked peanuts but you can not bring raw peanuts. Except specimens, insects are not allowed to be brought into USA. 

    Fake famous brands, pirated books and audio and video products
    USA pays attention to intellectual property right protection. All fake products are under stern cracking down by American customs. Bringing one piece for self use may be allowed depending on the case.
    Besides, pirated books and audio and video products are not allowed into USA, which may be confiscated and destroyed and a high amount of fine may be imposed. 

    Meats, eggs, milk, instant noodle 
    That Individuals bring meat food or dairy products (even instant noodles containing the above ingredients) into UK from Non-EU countries (including China) is illegal. 
    Besides, the UK government also has strict restrictions on bringing such seafood as fish, shellfish, eggs, some fruits and vegetables. If any individual brings any contraband food in, the customs will confiscate it; if any individual brings food that exceeds the weight limit, the customs will also confiscate the excessive part. 
    Any individual violating the above regulations may be fined and even have the risk of being imprisoned. 

    Animal products 
    Tourists including those from China are banned to bring such animal products as beef, pork, pig trotter, sausage, ham, dried meat slice, spiced pork, etc. in. 
    If any of them is to be brought in, it is necessary declare to the inspection and quarantine officer in Korean airport and receive quarantine. Any violator will be fined for less than Won 5 million. 
    Besides, the regulations of the customs of such Asian countries as Japan, Korea, Thailand, etc. are similar. Chinese medicines containing narcotic drug and animal ingredients will be detained by customs. 

    Fresh fruits and vegetables 
    Out of quarantine consideration, a lot of items are banned to be brought into Australia.    
    Dairy products, eggs and egg products, non-canned meats, such as pepperoni and sausage, smoked meats, cured meats, all fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables, seeds and fruit nuts 
    The above items that are banned to be brought in may be detained and destroyed by Australia Quarantine and Inspection Bureau. Other animal products, foods, etc. must be declared and inspected for any sign of insect or disease. 
    If you fail to indicate them in a declaration form for inspection and go through customs rashly, the most serious consequence is that you may be imprisoned. 
    Australia allows tourists aged over 18 (inclusive) to bring 2,250ml alcohol and 50 cigarettes (or 50g tobacco) in on duty free basis. 

New Zealand 
    All animals and plants and their products must be subject to quarantine 
    The entry quarantine measures in New Zealand are very strict. All animals and plants and their products must be subject to quarantine. Staffs from the Health Department inspect if they carry any insect or pathogenic bacteria. 
    Items banned to bring also include such meats and meat products as roast duck, ham, dried beef, etc., eggs and egg products, such rare animals and plants and their products such as American ginseng, musk, bird’s nest, antler, etc., such bee products as honey, pollen, bee glue, etc. 

    It is necessary to declare any animals and plants and their products before entry. 
    When tourists go through the customs, all farm produces, animals and plants and related products they are to bring in must all be declared. Items of this category not allowed to be brought in or failing to meet relevant specifications may be confiscated, destroyed by the customs, or required to be brought in after a proper treatment. The expenses for destroying, treatment shall be borne by tourists themselves. Those failing to declare by law may be fined or even confront a criminal prosecution. 

Hong Kong China: 
     Items not allowed to enter are: plant pathogens, pests and other harmful living things (including biological products); animal corpses and specimens; soil; fruit and eggplant, pepper, tomato; live animals (except cats, dogs) and such animal genetics as semen, embryo, etc.; eggs, hides and skins, horsehair, hoofs and horns and meats (raw meat, sausage, ham, cured meat, etc.); aquatic animal products, milk and dairy products, animal blood and its products. 
    Items allowed to be brought in but subject to declaration for quarantine are: fresh flowers, cut flowers, dry flowers; plant samples, exhibits, specimens; dry fruits, dry vegetables, picked products, frozen vegetables; seeds, seedlings and other reproductive materials, tobacco (subject to quarantine examination and approval formalities before entry); cereal grains not for growing, beans; bamboo, rattan, willow, grass products; such pets as cats, dogs, etc. (there must be a quarantine certificate and a vaccination certificate). 
    Tourists aged over 18 (inclusive) can bring less than 19 cigarettes on duty free basis on entry. 

Taiwan China 
     Items not allowed to enter are: live wild animals and endangered wild animals and plants and their products; items infringing patent, trademark and copyright; counterfeit or altering currencies, negotiable securities and impression for printing counterfeit money;  
     All non-prescription or non-medical items and medicines under control. It is not allowed to bring live animals and its products, live plants and its raw and fresh products, fresh fruits. 
    When bringing any copy of works such audio tape, video tape, phonogram, audio and video disc and computer software, 8cm film, books and documents, etc. in, 1 copy is limited for each works. 
    Cigarette and alcohol: 200 cigarettes or 25 cigars or 1 pound cut tobacco, 1 liter alcohol. 

Excerpted from China Customs Magazine
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