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Customs Clearance
    Shengcheng International (DLSC) has a number of elites who are experts in customs clearance and inspection. Due to our strength in customs clearance, we also undertake difficult and complex cases of customs clearance from our peer companies.
    The customs clearance and inspection philosophy of Shengcheng International (DLSC) is: honesty, superior service, determination and confidence, and swiftness.

    ★Help handle import and export clearance and inspection

      of private goods

    ★Help handle import and export clearance and inspection of large scale equipment
    ★Help enterprise get the exemption of 3Ccommodity inspection
    ★Help enterprise handle import and export commodity inspection and plant inspection
    ★Help enterprise deal with manual of processing trade
    ★Help transport and store exhibitions at home and abroad and handle customs record of entry and exit
    ★Help handle import and export clearance and inspection of samples, exhibits, advertisement articles, etc.
    ★Help handle temporary import and export clearance and inspection
    ★Help enterprise make ATA documents
    ★Help enterprise apply import and export license from Customs Inspection Bureau
    ★Help handle import and export clearance and inspection, as well as customs transit
    ★Help enterprise put worn electromechanical devices on record
    ★Help enterprise put tax deductible and tax free equipments on record 
    ★Help sell and lease container and reconstruct container into house 
    ★Help enterprise apply pre-classification 
    ★Help enterprise report the import and export of dangerous goods 

    ★Help enterprise make a one-day tour in bounded port (export cargo to bonded port and then import

      the cargo from the bonded port)

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