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Trailer Services
      Shengcheng International (DLSC) has its own trailer bus and container-type bulk cargo truck. Having served in this industry for 15 years, our service personnel and drivers are rich in experience and can provide customized optimum mode of transportation to clients.
      Container trailer business is also an important part of logistics. Shengcheng International (DLSC) manages inland transport business through self-supported operation, joint operation, cooperative operation across China, to ensure trailer transport service available anytime, anywhere in accordance with customer requirements. Meanwhile, according to various cargo transport requirements, our trailer also possesses the qualification of customs transit under customs supervision, and the necessary conditions for special or oversized cargo transport and dangerous goods transport.

     Shengcheng International (DLSC) guarantees 24h non-stop service regardless of low and pick seasons in inland transport. The powerful vehicle team of Shengcheng International (DLSC) insures punctuality, efficiency and safety when undertaking container haulage and LCL distribution in Chinese Mainland. The all-around insurances, such as third-party liability insurance, container insurance, cargo liability insurance etc., enable clients to rest easy. Automated vehicle scheduling and tracking service ensures the grasp of the dynamic state of vehicle and cargo at any moment.


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