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【Policy】General Customs Administration: will implement customs clearance integration in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei

    It was known from the General Customs Administration on Apr. 16 that this year, the customs clearance integration reform for the area of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei would be taken as a breakthrough to pilot customs integration management in that area, innovate the multimodal through transportation supervision mode and deepen customs duty collection management. 
    It is known that the General Customs Administration has determined 9 key reform items at the Administration level for this year, including promotion of supervision service innovation in China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone, implementation of the reform in “five creation items and three supporting items” (informatization, intelligence creation, facilitation, legalization and safety creation, supporting organization personnel, scientific equipment and informatization system), to develop a new type customs supervision mode characterized by streamlined administration and power delegation, intelligent driving, risk being controllable and being convenient and efficient. 
    The integration and optimization of the special customs supervision areas will be accelerated, the bonded cargo circulation formalities will be simplified, the form of list for filing will be simplified, “two forms and one examination” will be implemented. Unit consumption declaration will be canceled for enterprises meeting the required conditions in the area. R & D, design bond in the area will be supported, etc. The “single window” pilot will be promoted. The electronic port platform will be relied on to promote information exchange, mutual supervision recognition and mutual law enforcement assistance between the port law enforcement authorities. 
    Besides, it is intended to streamline administration and delegate powers, deepen the customs administrative examination and approval reform, continue to promote cancellation and transfer to lower levels of examination and approval items, streamline other matters with an examination and approval nature, introduce social forces to assist customs management, boost customs internal ratification work flow to condense. It is intended to reform the customs supervision and management system, boost paperless customs clearance reform and enterprise credit management, innovate processing trade and bonded supervision, reform the statistic-making, monitoring and early warning system. It is intended to boost customs monitoring and direction system construction, innovate the power operation restriction and supervision mechanism, reform the mechanism of examination and assessment by the head of the disciplinary inspection group of a direct reporting customs unit, perfect the system of reporting and handling clues on violating laws and disciplines and perfect the customs internal auditing classification management mechanism.

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